FOR business travellers moving between cities, there’s no better place to get work done than the train. But for travellers in America, going by rail is generally not an option outside of the transit corridor from Washington, DC to Boston. And so people covering ground for business are often forced to make do with cars, and with whatever they can work they can manage behind the wheel—which usually means making a lot of phone calls.

That could soon change. Just as airplane mode has restricted travellers from using cellular networks while in the skies, “driver mode” may soon severely limit communications on the road.

Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration called for makers of mobile phones and similar devices to include a driver mode on those products that will prevent drivers from making calls, sending texts and checking social media. Under these guidelines, all applications other than music and navigation could be locked for drivers.

“Distraction is still a problem,” the transportation secretary, Anthony Foxx, Continue reading